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Car Transport

Simplify Your Move with Car Shipping Within Canada or to the United States

We have the resources to move your furniture and other belongings, but what about your car?

If you have a car and you are unable to drive to your new destination, or if you want to avoid driving your car to save on gas and avoid a long excursion, take advantage of our Canada and United States car shipping service! We will transport your car safely and affordably to your new destination.

Secure Car Shipping in Canada and the United States

We move your car using rail services. This is cheaper and more efficient than truck transportation because triple the number of cars can be moved at once. Rail shipping ensures your car is in a safe, enclosed space, so the exterior will not be damaged by the elements. All car transport services in Canada and the United States are fully insured.

Nationwide Car Transport Made Easy

Driving your car to your new home—especially across the country—takes a lot of time and costs a lot of gas money. With rail shipping, transporting your car in Canada and the United States is a simple process. This is especially useful if you have more than one car or if you’re flying to your new home.

With rail transport, you can also track your car’s progress as it gets closer and closer to its destination.

Ship Your Car Quickly

We can deliver your car in as quickly as one week, although some destinations can take considerably longer in this vast country of ours. To make the process easier, if you are not ready for your car upon arrival, we will store your car for up to 2 weeks for no additional cost.

Ship Your Car Today

Not only in Canada and the United States is car shipping by rail cheaper and quicker, it is also environmentally friendly and cuts down on fuel emissions, and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Reduce stress and meet up with your car when you get to your new home! Let us take care of your car from Medicine Hat or anywhere in Canada or United States.

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